Blog Post Example: Marriage Equality in the US

Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States Federal Government made history after their decision which calls for gay marriage to be legal for all states. The decision was 5-4 between the Supreme Court Justices, and remains as one of the most controversial events taking place in recent memory, but marks an important day for the nation and the rest of the world in moving towards acceptance for the LGBT community. This decision comes as a surprise, however, to hard right-wing, specifically the majority of the Republic Party, which has continued to battle against many issues regarding rights for the LGBT community.

This event clearly comes as a step forward for the US and will hopefully mark a change in direction in the fight for equality. Despite being a well-developed nation, the US has lagged behind in issues regarding equality for the LGBT. However, this unprecedented decision marks a positive path towards the state’s reforms towards a better society for all groups, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. It seems that without the support of the superpower, issues regarding rights would be extremely difficult to settle, considering the role the United States plays in the international community, acting as the bringer of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy.’

Ironically, it seems many issues regarding equality are still lurking within the US as there still remains a sentiment of racial divide for many African-American communities and there is still a huge disagreement among liberals and conservatives in the majority of sociopolitical issues, including this one.

Blog Post Example: Marriage Equality in the US

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