How to write a blog post

The first step is to choose an ongoing or recent current event, which has taken place, Preferably something that encompasses social, political or economic issues that can be discussed within your blog post. (e.g. Greek debt crisis, Legalization of gay marriage, etc.)

It is essential that the current event you have chosen is not too simple and does not lack a core issue to talk about as you will need to write an opinion or viewpoint on it.

After choosing your event, start your blog post with a short summary of the event of approximately 50 words.

Writing a summary:

– Who, what, when, where, why, how?
– Discuss past or upcoming events which are related to the current one
– What is the core issue?

With your short summary, begin writing your opinion from your point of view on what has taken place (approx. 50 words). Make sure your opinion is not too simple, but also take in to account that it should be clear, focused and takes on a certain idea from the core issue.

Your opinion should not be a simple agreement or disagreement and you should explain your logic and reasoning behind your position.

In total, both your summary and your point of view should add up to around 100 words. Remember to focus on the core issue and this task will be very simple!

How to write a blog post

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