Andrew – ISIS Destruction of Artifacts

The ISIS is deystorying the ancient artifacts that are thoundsands of years oldin the group’s latest rampage which threatens to upend millennia of coexistence in the Middle East. The artifacts that has been destroyed are priceless. It happend on Assryian and Akkadian. ISIS militants broke the statues by dropping them pushing them and smashing them with hammer axe and drills by makng them into tiny fragmets.The footage also shows a man dressed in black at a nearby archaeological site, inside Mosul, drilling through and destroying a winged bull, an Assyrian protective deity, that dates back to the 7th century BC. We have to stop ISIS before they break another piece of the artifacts.

Andrew – ISIS Destruction of Artifacts

One thought on “Andrew – ISIS Destruction of Artifacts

  1. Tajun:
    I like this. It’s clear, but I think you could have made more of your opinions about this and I don’t think you had to make the part where the ISIS militants broke the statues by dropping them, pushing them, exc. But other than that, I think this is really good.


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