Tajun – Rise of UBER

The taxi business has taken an massive hit thanks to the rise of ride-sharing services. A news report has found out that from January-2012 to July-2014 the taxi company has taken a plummet of 65%. The customers are taking advantage of this situation and the California Public Utilities Commission deemed this new feature illegal. Although the taxi business is right now in a tight spot, they have vowed to continue this despite the legal threats.
I know the taxi business is not doing well right now, but if they still want to do this then I have no objection. I still don’t know why the California Public Utilities Commission are trying to stop this, but I think it may be because of the tax. All in all, since the customers like these new changes I think the taxi company should keep doing this.
Tajun – Rise of UBER

2 thoughts on “Tajun – Rise of UBER

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