Jinny Lee-Death of Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland was found dead at Waller County prison in Hempstead on last 13th, July. She was arrested by white police for switching lanes with no signal turn at Prairie View on July 10th, but she was imprisoned for disobeying police’s order to stop smoking and get off the car. Three days later, she was found dead by hanging with garbage bag.

Some people think that Bland is black woman, and police is white man, so there were some racism in Bland’s death. Of course, there were probably some racism in Bland’s death, but I think Bland’s attitude of the treat to the police was pretty bad, and that’s why police used crude language, so Bland started this affair first. However, if this affair ends as murder, and the culprit has connection with this policeman, then American policemen shouldn’t forget that there are people who think policemen are still doing racial discrimination, and they are acting disregarding the sanctity of life.

Jinny Lee-Death of Sandra Bland

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