Charleston Shooting by Jinny Lee

Last 17th, nine black people who are studying bible murdered by a white man at Emanuel AME Church, which is located at Charleston. Eight people are died right away, and one went to hospital but died, too. The white man couldn’t get gun, but he had one because of problem of gun control system. He petitioned to buy a gun on April 11th, and waited three days, but there was no reply from FBI, so he got a gun.

Why some people discriminate other people by colour of their skin? Colour of skin depends on quantity of melanin pigment. Why melanin pigment is that much important? Some people kill others just because of quantity of melanin pigment. It doesn’t make any sense. I hope that some white people realize their act is wrong, and stop kill blacks.

Charleston Shooting by Jinny Lee

One thought on “Charleston Shooting by Jinny Lee

  1. I agree on everything that you say. I don’t know how some white people just hates black people and tries to kill them. Does it really matter just because of their skin color? How would they feel if they were blacks and they were discriminated. Well all I can now say is: Stop discriminating blacks.


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