Tajun-Kiev’s police force

Ukraine is trying to reform its police service by hiring of a number of young and photogenic new officers. They are hiring new officers because some of them killed protesters in the last year’s dramatic events in the Maidan Square where more than 100 of them were killed. As a result, the new administration in Kiev has been trying to reform the force – changing its name and uniforms. They are firing old officers and hiring 2000 new ones, and a quarter of them are female. But the new officers are now unexpectedly taking selfies with their non-police friends and posting it on social medias.

I think it was a good thing that they are firing old officers and hiring new ones, but I don’t think it was a good move of recruiting young officers because they are now taking selfies while doing their job. I guess you should keep these officers instead of the older ones because officers who take selfies are better than ones who kill protesters. But if these officers screw-up on their job majorly then I say get new ones… again!

Tajun-Kiev’s police force

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