Nathan-residential schools

A report on Canada’s history of separating indigenous children from their parents at abusive residential schools has called the practice “cultural genocide”. But what does the proposed reconciliation mean for survivors?In 1966, five-year-old Joseph Maud was separated from his family and sent to live at a Canadian residential school for indigenous students in Pine Creek, Manitoba.Maud remembers it was like walking into an invisible brick wall – students were expected to speak English or French and Maud only spoke his native Ojibwa. If the students spoke their own language, ears were pulled and mouths were washed out with soap.but why did Maud have to run away?

Nathan-residential schools

One thought on “Nathan-residential schools

  1. Andrew says:

    So was Maud from Ojibwa or did he learned how to say Ojibwa. Because only writing he only spoke his native Ojibwa I’m a little confused about if he learned how to say Ojibwa or if he’s from and born is Ojibwa. You have some capital and space mistakes and yeah.


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